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Our vineyard straddles the Petite Champagne and Fins Bois is mainly Ugni Blanc planted on land limestone topped with a layer of clay and limestone. The Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon required to produce Rosé Pineau, complete the vineyard.
Harvest, until 1996, were made manually. Since the harvesting machine took over and provides a very good harvest, perfectly adapted to the needs of growers in the region.
Distillation, as evidenced by an ancient document, is our property La Grange Wood since 1727.

Cognac is produced using traditional methods in two separate heaters in a small Charentais alembic.

The eaux-de-vie are then housed in new barrels of Limousin oak for a period of 6 to 12 months, and then are transferred to drums "red." These spirits, through evaporation poetically called "the angels' share", will gradually lose alcohol and gain color, roundness, flexibility and aroma.
For more than sixty years to the family-Cartais Lamaure, directly markets its products Cognac and Pineau des Charentes.

Number of professional journalists and personalities come to visit our family farm, which reflects a traditional and artisanal manufacture of Cognac.


Salon des vins des vignerons indépendants

Venez nombreux à l'Espace Champerret du 23 au 26 mars 2018.
Nous serons présents et vous pourrez nous retrouver au stand B17 !

A très bientôt !

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Andreas Larsson, meilleur sommelier du monde, déguste notre Cognac XO Petite Champagne et lui met la note de 88/100.

Cognac XO: 88/100
It is a spirit with a quite deep colour here, it has just transformed from deep golden into light amber, with a slight green rim, indicating a certain evolution. True on the nose as well, it is starting to reach the second stage of evolution showing more candied, slightly burnt aromas; not in a negative way, but like caramelized sugar. Than we have damp tobacco, cedar wood, some candid fruit and plenty of spiciness. Really rigorous on the palate here. I feel a slight alcoholic bite, but I think that is quite quickly overshadowed by that wealth of spicy, woody and nutty flavours. It does show a quite long finish as well. There is not really any sweetness in this one as well, it is nicely dry and nutty on the finish. And good maturity to enjoy today.

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Sérigraphie personnalisée

Il est maintenant possible de personnaliser à titre individuel (anniversaires, fêtes ) ou pour vos cadeaux d'entreprise, la carafe (Hélianthe) de Cognac XO La Grange du Bois par une sérigraphie dorée.
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Médailles concours Régional

Le Vieux Pineau Blanc a reçu une médaille de bronze au Concours des Saveurs Régionales 2012
Le Vieux Pineau Rosé a reçu une médaille d'Argent au Concours des Saveurs Régionales 2012

Médaille d'Or Concours Général Agricole

Le Pineau Rosé de La Grange du Bois a reçu une médaille d'or au Salon de l'agriculture 2013

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